Welcome to the Netherlands! In this blog I will tell you (in short) the first steps you can/need to do when arriving in this awesome country.

  1. Bikes come first! Always let them pass, unless it is a crosswalk, but still, be careful.

Now to the serious stuff:

  1. For non-European students, when arriving, your university will apply for a VVR (verblijfsvergunning), basically a residence permit valid for 1 year. The VVR is extended if you continue studying. Make sure you have a visa or residence permit before arriving. As obvious as it may seem, sometimes double-check is better :)

  2. All international students must register with the local municipality. For this, you need ID/Passport and an accommodation contract. After registration, you will receive a BSN (Burger Service Number). This is a number that you will need in many procedures.

  3. Opening a Dutch Bank account (if needed). This is a fairly easy procedure. You can try major banks, such as ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank & others. With the current situation, make sure to book an appointment at the website of the bank or by phone.

  4. Get insurance, unless you have the European Health Insurance Card. This will cost you around 100-120 euros per month. It is quite important, because then you will be able to visit a General practitioner, use dentists and be able to work.

  5. Once settled down, check out our Intro Days activities! We will be giving a Dutch language crash course, hosting games, workshops and quizzes online, where you will be able to meet fellow students and possibly make friends. We will announce all the events soon!

Are you coming from a red or orange country and required to stay in quarantine? Even if not, it can be challenging in the new country. We are here to help! Register to participate in the buddy program here (it’s FREE): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeptNvOGcrQkuuUgpgX6h1t0p9WROMlbjqKg_OoWERnsM6H-Q/viewform

If you have any questions, contact us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct or mail@esnvuamsterdam.nl

Stay tuned for the next blogs, where we will cover even more important information, such as accommodation matters, transport, best bars and places cool in Amsterdam! Follow us on Instagram so you never miss an update!