The board of ESN VU Amsterdam is composed of six enthusiastic and internationally-minded students. They run ESN VU Amsterdam on a part-time basis and are responsible for the assocation with more than 1100 members from over 45 countries.

Coen Vermaas - President
Hi everyone! I am the president of ESN VU Amsterdam. I’m currently finishing my Masters in Business Administration and I’ve studied abroad in Baltimore, USA myself. I loved the international social atmosphere. Therefore I will be committed to maintaining the friendly, diverse and open-minded atmosphere within ESN VU Amsterdam. So be yourself, don't take yourself too seriously and ride the wave of new experiences here in Amsterdam! Also, don't hesitate to come talk to us and hang out. Together with the team, I’m looking forward to meeting you and making your stay in Amsterdam an unforgettable one!
Rosanne Zwaan - Secretary
Hi everyone! My name is Rosanne and I am the secretary of the ESN VU Amsterdam board 2015-2016. My experience as an international student in Finland was amazing, so I decided to join ESN in my hometown to make your exchange experience just as nice! We are going to have a great time together, welcome to Amsterdam!
Yasmery Hagedoorn - Treasurer
Hi everyone! My name is Yasmery, your treasurer for this year! As the treasurer I’ll be responsible for the financial part of ESN VU Amsterdam. As a law student at VU University I did not get in contact with international students, so I decided last year that that had to change and joined ESN VU Amsterdam as a buddy. I liked it so much that I decided to join the board. Together we’ll make your stay in Amsterdam unforgettable! Super excited to meet all of you!
Sammie Barends - Social Events Manager
Hello everyone! My name is Sam and I will be the Social Events Manager of this semester. Hopefully you like to party and socialize because I will be in charge of organizing those events. So get excited and crazy and let’s make this semester a semester to remember! Together with the rest of ESN VU Amsterdam, I will do my best to make your stay in Amsterdam as awesome as possible! I’m always in for a nice chat, so don’t be afraid to talk to me. Looking forward to meeting you!
Shari Molawi - Cultural Events Manager
Hey guys! I’m Shari and I’m gonna be the Cultural Events Manager for this upcoming year. After spending 3 months in Istanbul and 3 months in Buenos Aires I understood how important a foreign exchange can be. So I’m gonna make sure your time here is gonna be full of fun, new experiences and new friends! Can’t wait to meet all of you! Cheers!
Laurenne Rodriguez - PR & Marketing Manager
Hi everyone! My name is Laurenne and I will be in charge of the PR and Marketing at ESN VU Amsterdam this year. I am an international student who came here to study 3 years ago and fell in love with this amazing city. Together with the rest of the board, I hope to make your stay here one of your greatest and most fun experiences. I am really looking forward to meet and have a great time with all of you!