The board of ESN VU Amsterdam 2021-2022 is composed of seven enthusiastic and internationally-minded students. They run ESN VU Amsterdam on a daily basis as volunteers and are responsible for the association with more than 1000 members from all over the world!




Albert, President

Good morning, afternoon, evening, and good night! My name is Albert, the president of ESN VU Amsterdam and I'm a 2nd-year student doing Mathematics here at the VU. I come from Spain but I love to walk under the rain and walk through the cold streets of Amsterdam during winter, though I obviously have the sun in my veins! If you like to have long walking discussions about anything or play an exciting game of chess, then I'm yours!

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Antonia, Secretary

Hello everyone and welcome to Amsterdam. My name is Antonia, I am 20 years old, and from Erfurt in Germany. This year I will be the Secretary of ESN VU Amsterdam which means most of the emails that you send us end up in my inbox 😊. I am studying PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) in my second year and am super excited to be finally able to enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer. In my free time, I like to dance and do other sports. I also really enjoy reading and looking around bookstores even though I never have time for it. My pro tip for new Amsterdamers, even though fairly obvious, is to get a bike and enjoy cycling around. You will feel more at home immediately, I promise.

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Isabella, Cultural Events Manager

Hi guys!! My name is Isabella and I'll be this year’s Cultural Events Manager of ESN VU Amsterdam. I was born in Dublin, but I have been living in the Netherlands almost my whole life! I am currently 19 years old and in my third year of the Artificial Intelligence bachelor's. I really love everything active and hanging out with friends, and exploring new cities/countries. I will be organizing all the cultural events together with my committee, and I really hope to get you guys as acquainted with Amsterdam (and the Netherlands, even Europe) as possible!  I am really excited to finally be able to visit more places safely again, so let's make this an awesome year!!!


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Michael, Social Events Manager

Hello friends! Welcome to the Netherlands and welcome to the VU. My name is Michael, and I am ESN’s Social Events Manager this year. I’ve got big plans for all the fun ways we can socialize and have fun together this year, and I’m so excited to see you at events (and to hear any suggestions you might have)! A little bit about me: I’m 23 years old, I moved from the United States to the Netherlands in 2020, and I study clinical and developmental psychopathology. ESN has been an integral part of my sense of belonging here at the VU, and I’m looking forward to hosting fun events and making you feel warmly welcomed here in Amsterdam!


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Chris, Treasurer

Hey guys, I'm Chris, the treasurer of ESN VU Amsterdam. With almost 25 years I'm the silverback of the board, which means that I'm not only wise, patient, and resilient but also crippled by bad hearing and aching back pain. I grew up in Germany and did my Bachelor's there. Meanwhile, I also studied in the UK for one year. Now I'm trying to acquire my MPA Master's in Amsterdam. Since I just moved here last year I'm excited to get to know this wonderful city with you. Looking forward to meeting you all ✌🏻


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Noa, Partnerships Manager

Hello everyone, welcome to the Netherlands! My name is Noa, and I am this year’s Partnerships Manager at ESN VU Amsterdam. Meaning I am responsible for building and maintaining close relationships with our current partners and finding new partnerships for our section. I am 21 years old and currently studying a bachelor's degree in Criminology, which I very much enjoy. I am born and raised in the Netherlands so I will hopefully be able to answer all your questions regarding this beautiful (but rainy) country. I am looking forward to meeting you guys 😊

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Carla, Marketing and Communications Manager

Hello everyone!👋  My name is Carla and I will be the Marketing and Communication Manager for the academic year 2021-2022 💻 📱. I was born and raised in Italy, however, I have had the opportunity to visit different corners of the globe. I am currently studying communication and information studies at the VU.  In combination with my studies, I take Latin dances classes 🩰 and I truly enjoy reading. I look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam soon!



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