ESN VU Amsterdam wants to take you on this magical journey at a truly classical Christmas market. Let's wander through Cologne together and have warm beverages and delicious food during the start of chilly winter days!
Come hang out with us, hang out with your friends or meet other students on our trip to Cologne!

For only 22 euros we will bring you to Cologne and we spend a full day here. We will even provide you with a booklet with all necessary, interesting, and cool to know information about Cologne!

Bring your Passport!
Date: December 2nd
Pickup Location: Amsterdam Zuid
Departure Time: 9.15
Back in Amsterdam: about 22.30
Tickets: 22 euros

See you soon!

02/12/2018 - 09:00 to 22:30
€22 (25 without ESNcard)
What's included: 
  • Transportation
  • Information & suggestions
  • Everyone is invited.