ESN VU Amsterdam is going on a day trip to the lovely city of Ghent in Belgium! Ghent has the perfect combination of historic buildings and alternative scenes. Come to join us on this adventure.

About Ghent:
The Belgian city of Ghent is the 2nd largest city in Belgium, it’s located between Brussels and Bruges and has an exciting mixture of rich history and is also trendy and urban. Ghent has many beautiful old buildings, much of the city's medieval architecture is still intact and is well preserved. In the past, Ghent used to be one of the most important harbours in Europe, making it a hotspot for trade. The wealth earned with this was (also) invested in stone, giving us many impressive historic buildings to appreciate.

Ghent also has a vibrant street art scene such as their graffiti street, and also the city has a reputation of being Europe’s vegetarian capital. There are cool initiatives like experimental artistic collectives using the old harbours and community gardens in the city. Ghent is less stressful than Antwerp and less touristy than Bruges. A big part of the city centre is closed off to cars, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. The city offers delicious food, sweets, beers, views, canals, is “gezellig” and it’s full of ambience, being a student city with about 25% of its population being university students.

So come to join us on this day trip to explore this vibrant city! We will give you a small tour of the city and show you some of the most important old buildings, you will also have free time to explore and/or hang out with us and try some Belgian food and see some Belgian sights. In this free time, the board and committee will have a list of other recommended to do things in Ghent that you can check out before you go explore the city yourself!

Date: 28th of October
Pick up time: 8.35
Drop off time: 22.00
Meeting point: Julia’s: Spoorslag 21, 1082 MM Amsterdam (Amsterdam Zuid Station)
Passport: Bring a valid proof of identification
Non-members €23
ESN members: €20

Tickets can be bought here or during Office Hours every Monday between 11:00-13:15 and Wednesdays between 13:00-16:00 at VU University room HG 0D-02.

See you soon!


28/10/2018 - 08:15 to 22:15
€20 (€23 without ESNcard)
  • Everyone is invited.